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The Jewellery Boutique

Welcome to The Jewellery Boutique – your premier on-line shop for all things bridal and beautiful!


The Jewellery Boutique

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Alexis Hair comb by Say Bella
Alexis Hair comb
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Jodie Tiara by Say Bella
Jodie Tiara
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Bessie Hair comb by Say Bela
Bessie Hair comb
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Lysia Hair comb by Say Bella
Lysia Hair comb
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Hayden Bracelet by Say Bella
Hayden Bracelet
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Maya Bracelet by Say Bella
Maya Bracelet
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Piper Bracelet by Say Bella
Piper Bracelet
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Annabeth Hair comb by Say Bella
Annabeth Hair comb
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Casey Large Hair comb by Say Bella
Casey Large Hair comb
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Millie Hair comb by Say Bella
Millie Hair comb
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Chloe Necklace by Say Bella
Chloe Necklace
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Skye Necklace by Say Bella
Skye Necklace
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Tess Hair comb by Say Bella
Tess Hair comb
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Leonie Earrings by Say Bella
Leonie Earrings
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Lauren Tiara by Say Bella
Lauren Tiara
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Beatrice Hair comb by Say Bella
Beatrice Hair comb
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NEC002 by Demetrios
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Joelle Bracelet by Say Bella
Joelle Bracelet
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NEC011 by Demetrios
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Velvet Head band by Say Bella
Velvet Head band
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Joelle Earringse by Say Bella
Joelle Earrings
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Lena Earrings by Say Bella
Lena Earrings
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NEC006 by Demetrios
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Casey Necklace by Say Bella
Casey Necklace
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Emerald Necklace by Say Bella
Emerald Necklace
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Lotti Hair comb by Say Bella
Lotti Hair comb
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Bec Earrings by Say Bella
Bec Earrings
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ER31204 by Mac and Milly
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Billie Earrings by Say Bella
Billie Earrings
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Karita Bangle by Say Bella
Karita Bangle
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Your premier on-line shop for all things bridal and beautiful!

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Caring for your Jewellery

-Avoid spraying hairspray, perfume and makeup directly on your accessories.

-If your Jewellery becomes dirty, place the Jewellery in lukewarm water with a little dishwashing liquid for a few minutes.

-Remove Jewellery and gently pat dry.

-Wait until Jewellery is completely dry and than place in a tightly sealed bag.

The Jewellery Boutique

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The Jewellery Boutique